Duncan MacMaster's Fiction Files


JOE AVERAGE:  The saga of a man who has the powers to be a superhero, but not the looks or the physique, and how the world really can't accept having their comic book fantasies tainted by doughy reality.


Snippets of the first drafts of works in progress.

MINDER Chapter 1: An ex-IRA enforcer is hired by the gangster who runs a small east coast city for an unusual job.

LITERARY IMPROVLittle pieces of fiction that drip out from my brain pan for my own, and hopefully your, amusement. This stuff is quite literally made up on the spot. With no plan, rewrites or talent involved. Enjoy.

THE MISSION! It's supposed to be just a simple briefing for a bombing mission in the Pacific in WW2. Or is it? Maybe it is.... or maybe it's not.... or it is.... or not.... or something... I don't know anymore.